About Us

    who we are and what we do

    We Are

    the Urban Water Management and Hydroinformatics Group (UWMH) which is an active, innovative research environment established within the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. The group is led by Christos Makropoulos in collaboration with a stellar group of academics and researchers. The groupʼs research and innovation activities are undertaken within the framework of National and European Research and Development projects and find their way into practice through the provision of consultancy services in collaboration with end-users (water companies, local and regional authorities, critical infrastructure operators and national administrations).

    We Work on

    new disruptive technologies and options able to change the way we think about the water cycle and its link to energy and materials within the regional and urban environment. From water sensitive urban design and sustainable urban drainage systems to grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, sewer mining and managed aquifer recharge technologies, our work looks at both the hardware and software required to implement these solutions, develops large scale demonstration projects together with end users and produces the high TRL software tools needed for their process optimization, optimal placement and large-scale impact quantification.

    We Work Together

    in strategic partnerships with public and private research institutes, water companies, NGOs, public organizations and government government towards the development, testing and implementation of innovative solutions for the Water Sector, and take part in key European Networks, such as Watershare and Water Europe.

    We Strive To

    develop and disseminate new knowledge and ensure its uptake by both the scientific community and practitioners. As such we publish new breakthroughs in peer reviewed journals to enhance knowledge dissemination (see selected publications here) and also develop user friendly knowledge-intensive digital products and tools to ensure that this new knowledge creates real-world impact. We are constantly exploring new innovative business cases and emerging market opportunities to upscale, transfer and expand these products and tools leveraging online resources and cloud services, in collaboration with partner organisations in the hope that this will contribute to more sustainable pathways for the water-smart cities and regions of the future.


    + 30 210 7722828-2886

    NTUA Campus, Heroon Polytechneiou str. 9, 15780, Zographou, Athens Greece, Hydraulics Building