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Online survey on the Climate change adaptation of Attica Region within IMPETUS project

We are happy to announce our online survey regarding Climate Change adaptation in Attica region within the European project IMPETUS!

We want to hear from all parties from Attica Region and Athens City who are concerned about the local impacts of climate change, to help us shape solutions for long-lasting benefits. UWMH group of NTUA as a partner and coordinator of Attica Region Mediterranean demonstration site, will launch a varied programme of activities in which members of the public, researchers, NGOs, Local Authorities, Industry, Media and other interested parties can get involved and drive positive change in our region.

To get our activities started, we invite all interested parties to share knowledge, concerns and ideas about climate change challenges and solutions in our online survey (available until 10th of May 2022): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IMPETUS-GR

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