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    ToDrinQ our new funded project

    ToDrinQ our new funded project

    We are very proud to announce that our project ToDrinQ Toolkit for adaptable, Resilient Installations securing high Quality drinking water is one of the 3 selected for funding under call HORIZON-CL6-2022-ZEROPOLLUTION-01 (Clean environment and zero pollution).

    ToDrinQ will develop and test a compendium of modular, complementary, innovative solutions (the ‘ToDrinQ Toolkit’) that will provide new information and better support tools to operators and designers to adapt to (short- and long-term) changes in water quality, while obtaining high drinking water quality at the tap. ToDrinQ will also develop novel real time sensing and water quality monitoring technologies, innovative treatment systems (especially suitable for small-scale/modular, adaptable treatment plants) and interoperable decision tools that support resilient, evidence-based treatment plant design and improved overall water system operational awareness and response.

    The project will be implemented by a stellar consortium of 16 organizations coordinated by TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT DELFT. The ToDrinQ consortium is perfectly placed to achieve significant progress beyond the state of art, based on a research-technology alliance of leading universities and research institutes and innovative technology developers including deep tech SMEs. It is also ideally placed to maximise relevance and impact by grounding its innovations on diverse real-world cases through co-creation with five pro-active water companies (in the Netherlands, Greece, France, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic), and maximise outreach through the influential multi-stakeholder, network Water Europe. Beginning December 2022 and set to run for four years!



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