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    Successful NextGen Final Event held in Athens by NTUA

    Successful NextGen Final Event held in Athens by NTUA

    After 4 years of collective work and many online meetings, the NextGen Final Event was held physically on 20th and 21st of October, organized by NTUA in Serafio Complex, NTUA and Athens Plant Nursery.

    More than 60 participants from consortium partners from all over Europe came together for two productive days full of presentations as well as interactive discussions on all work packages, pilots, tools, and applications.

    Also, a site visit in the Athens Plant Nursery was organized to demonstrate the Sewer Mining technology along with the energy and material recovery CE solutions.

    As managing our most important resource, water, continues to be a challenge throughout the world, the NextGen project drew together a critical mass of people, technologies, business innovations and solutions to challenge embedded thinking and practices in the water sector.

    Over the past 4 years, the NextGen team, brought several innovations to practice, embracing and putting to the test ‘circular economy’ principles as part of technological innovations to preserve our natural capital, optimise water, energy and material resources and improve societal resilience.

    In keeping with CE, NextGen also focused on new market opportunities, services and solutions throughout the water cycle.

    The NextGen Final Event provided a unique opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned from the new approaches and best practices developed for closing the water, energy and material cycles.



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