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    IMPETUS Workshop: Tools for Climate-resilient Adaptation in the Region of Attica

    IMPETUS Workshop: Tools for Climate-resilient Adaptation in the Region of Attica

    In the wake of recent fires and extreme flood events in Greece and as climate change further exacerbates devastating impacts, new methods, tools, and solutions are needed to address these matters and increase the resilience of regions at a European level.

    The IMPETUS Regional Workshop on Tools to address Climate Change in the Region of Attica presented the development of tools on climate change adaptation and to initiate the dialog among a variety of stakeholders to address such issues holistically through an engagement and co-creation process. 
    The participatory workshop was held on the 5th of October and was hosted and organized by the National Technical University of Athens, the lead partner of the Mediterranean Demo Case (Attica) of the IMPETUS project and supported by other project partners (MAICH, EYDAP and the Ministry of Environment and Energy).

    The participants were among a variety of stakeholders in the sectors of climate change adaptation policies and decision-making as well as end users and operational actors. Representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Water Companies across Greece, Regional and Local Authorities, Municipalities representatives, NGOs, SMEs, and Academia, were engaged in an interactive workshop with presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and round tables open discussions that focused on:

    • Key objectives, scope and so far, achievements of the IMPETUS project
    • IMPETUS tools that increase resilience to climate change
    • Technologies and solutions that enhance adaptation of the Attica region to climate change: HIPS, Digital Twin, Online Service for Reforestation strategies, Resilience Knowledge Boosters, Sewer Mining technologies, Controlled Environment Agriculture solutions.
    • Benefits of leveraging applied solutions and tools 
    • Limitations and weaknesses when implementing such tools and solutions.
    • Feedback from stakeholders on the presented tools
    • Opportunities from activating and engaging stakeholders to discuss on these matters.


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