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    DURATION: 01.01.2025 to 31.12.2029

    BUDGET: 986.875 € / 5.976.818,75 €

    FUNDING:  HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-07, Excellence Hubs


    The WATERWISE HUB is a dynamic initiative aiming to catalyze Research & Innovation (R&I), business development, and knowledge dissemination within the circular economy (CE) for water.

    This project targets water management transformation in Romania, Greece, and selected Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries (MD, SB, AL, NM, and UA).

    It emphasizes sustainable and regenerative water practices, aligned with EU policies and RIS3 strategies, using a quadruple helix model of innovation.



    Water management is a critical issue in Europe, exacerbated by climate change and resource mismanagement.

    Traditional water systems are inefficient and unsustainable, requiring innovative solutions to ensure optimal resource use and minimal waste.

    The WATERWISE HUB addresses these challenges by promoting closed-loop systems and water-centric urban planning.



    WATERWISE HUB envisions a future where water management is sustainable and regenerative.

    It aims to make the water sector a key player in the circular economy, reducing waste and optimizing resource use.

    By integrating advanced technologies and engaging communities, the HUB seeks to foster a culture of water conservation and sustainable urban development


    • Develop a Comprehensive R&I Strategy: Create an R&I strategy to enhance water sustainability.
    • Implement an Action and Investment Plan: Develop actionable plans and secure investments to support water innovation.
    • Launch the FundFinder Portal: Provide a centralized platform for funding opportunities in water innovation.
    • Create Decision-Making Toolboxes: Develop tools for strategic, tactical, and operational decisions in water management.
    • Host Water Tech Challenges: Organize competitions to drive technological advancements in water management.
    • Establish an Innovation Accelerator: Support startups and entrepreneurs in the water sector.
    • Produce LLL Training Courses: Offer lifelong learning courses to educate stakeholders on water sustainability.
    • Build a knowledge Hub: Create a centralized repository for water-related knowledge and best practices.
    • Develop a Mentoring Scheme: Provide mentorship to foster innovation and knowledge transfer in the water sector.



    UWMH coordinates the WATERWISE HUB, using our expertise in urban water management and hydroinformatics.

    We will oversee the creation of the R&I Strategy, Action and Investment Plan, and various toolboxes, ensuring the project’s successful implementation and long-term sustainability.


    + 30 210 7722828-2886

    NTUA Campus, Heroon Polytechneiou str. 9, 15780, Zographou, Athens Greece, Hydraulics Building