Research & innovation priorities

UWMH works on new disruptive technologies and options able to change the way we think about the water cycle and its link to energy and materials within the regional and urban environment.

Water in the circular economy


To be able to identify and implement opportunities for application of circular economy concepts to water systems and incorporate sustainable water management principles in the circular economy initiatives. In this respect, we design and implement innovative and transformational circular water and wastewater management systems that take under consideration the different elements in the water cycle (water, energy and materials) and maximize their efficient usage and allocation: e.g. Sewer Mining technology, Aquifer Storage and Recovery systems, Subsurface Water Solutions, etc. To improve the overall cycle’s performance and optimize the configuration of the systems we develop whole system modelling tools (e.g.UWOT) to simulate the operation of the configurations and select best-fit technologies. As part of this work, we also activate at an early stage the social component including business and market design, financial engineering, authorities, decision makers, end users and citizens to get them familiar with the CE technologies, approaches and tools, in order to improve public acceptance, increase understanding, transfer, upscale and enable funding opportunities for implementing holistic circular interventions.

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