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    DURATION: 01.06.2019 to 31.05.2022

    BUDGET: 339,260.00€/5,700,245.00€

    FUNDING: Η2020 Greening the economy in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Innovation Action



    FIWARE4WATER: Fiware for the next Generation Internet Services for the water sector, is a three year H2020 Innovation Action project funded by the topic Greening the economy in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). FIWARE is smart solution platform, funded by the EC (2011-16) as a major flagship PPP, to support SMEs and developers in creating the next generation of internet services, as the main ecosystem for Smart City initiatives for cross-domain data exchange/cooperation and for the NGI initiative.

    So far little progress has been made on developing specific water-related applications using FIWARE, due to fragmentation of the water sector, restrained by licensed platforms and lagging behind other sectors (e.g. telecommunications) regarding interoperability, standardisation, cross-domain cooperation and data exchange.

    Fiware4Water intends to link the water sector to FIWARE by demonstrating its capabilities and the potential of its interoperable and standardised interfaces for both water sector end-users (cities, water utilities, water authorities, citizens and consumers), and solution providers (private utilities, SMEs, developers).

    In addition to building modular applications using FIWARE and open API architecture for the real time management of water systems, Fiware4Water also builds upon distributed intelligence and low level analytics (smart meters, advanced water quality sensors) to increase the economic (improved performance) and societal (interaction with the users, con-consensus) efficiency of water systems and social acceptability of digital water, by adopting a 2-Tier approach:

    • building and demonstrating four Demo Cases as complementary and exemplary paradigms across the water value chain (Tier#1);
    • promoting an EU and global network of followers, for digital water and FIWARE (cities, municipalities, water authorities, citizens, SMEs, developers) with three complementary Demo Networks (Tier#2).

    The scope is to create the Fiware4Water ecosystem, demonstrating its technical, social and business innovative potential at a global level, boosting innovation for water.

    Athens demo case

    Water supply system real time operational management: FIWARE will be used to integrate operational sensors (existing flow meters, stages and water quality sensors as discussed above, as well as 2 new open channel Doppler flowmeters that will be bought within the project) and other (novel) surveillance methods into a common operational picture (in real time).

    Our role in the project

    Fiware4Water intends to link the water sector to FIWARE, a curated framework of open-source platform components that aims to accelerate the development of interoperable and portable smart solutions. Our role in the project concerns the development of digital information platforms and analytics that are seamlessly interlinked and integrate with external platforms and data sources following the standardization specifications of FIWARE (i.e., NGSI-v2 and NGSI-LD). Specifically, we develop analytics to support the optimal management and control of the external raw-water supply system of EYDAP, that serves the city of Athens (Greece). A new digital platform (based on the in-house Nessie technology) for the collection, process, analysis and visualization of real-time information from the network of sensors in the conveyance system is being developed, integrating the legacy systems (existing sensors and databases) into a common information system, using FIWARE. The platform is coupled with ML and physically-based models to support the operational staff in decision making, by providing forecasts and early-warnings for the critical quality and quantity (hydraulic) aspects (e.g., flow, turbidity, water volumes) of the system.

    Read more about Fiware4Water objectives and results here.


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