UWMH develops user friendly knowledge-intensive digital products and tools to ensure that new knowledge creates real-world impact. We also look at the business case and market opportunities to turn research prototypes into practical, large scale implementations.



    is the cornerstone of our digital solutions. An in-house system able to collect, harmonize, process, store and visualise big amounts of high-resolution data from IoT agents, including smart meters and smart sensors.

    What it does

    An ecosystem of analytics and models is continuously being developed around Nessie to support evidence-based decision making, depending on the requirements of the case in focus, while the information is delivered to the end-users via a responsive, user-friendly and modern dashboard with a plethora of visualization capabilities. Nessie’s analytics provide among others forecasts, anomaly detection and alerting, optimization of urban systems, advice provision, and more case-specific functionalities, e.g., hydraulic simulation of open-channel systems, modelling of wastewater treatment processes.

    Our services have been deployed in a range of smart monitoring and control contexts, such as the real-time monitoring of water consumption, remote control of Sewer Mining Units, management of Subsurface Water Systems, operational management of the external raw-water supply system of Athens etc. Currently, Nessie goes “Fiware-compliant” allowing its seamless integration with third-party analytics, models, databases and applications in an interoperable and standardised way.


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