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    HyetosMinute is an R package for temporal stochastic simulation of rainfall process at fine time scales, i.e. from daily down to 1-minute, based on the Bartlett-Lewis rectangular pulse model.


    It operates on several modes and combinations of them (depending on data availability), such as the operational or the testing mode, and simple sequential simulation or disaggregation.

    In the latter case, it uses the Bartlett-Lewis model to generate rainfall events along with proven disaggregation techniques that adjust the finer scale (e.g., hourly) variables to obtain the given coarser scale (e.g., daily) value.

    The package comprises various variants of the Bartlett-Lewis model, graphical capabilities, import/export tools as well as an optimization tool for the estimation of model parameters.


    Available at:

    • P. Kossieris, C. Makropoulos, C. Onof, and D. Koutsoyiannis (2018) A rainfall disaggregation scheme for sub-hourly time scales: Coupling a Bartlett-Lewis based model with adjusting procedures, Journal of Hydrology, 556, 980–992, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.07.015.
    • Koutsoyiannis, D., and C. Onof (2001) Rainfall disaggregation using adjusting procedures on a Poisson cluster model, Journal of Hydrology, 246, 109-122.

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