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    UWMH works on new disruptive technologies and options able to change the way we think about the water cycle and its link to energy and materials within the regional and urban environment.

    Uncertainty aware, extreme events (floods and droughts) risk management

    Uncertainty aware, extreme events (floods and droughts) risk management


    Recognizing and embracing uncertainty in natural and human-engineered systems should be at the heart of any risk-related study, or approach, aiming to provide reliable, future-proofed and uncertainty-aware information and guidance to stakeholders, decision and policy makers.

    This simple, yet often forgotten principle is the pillar of our thinking and modelling rationale and a conscious choice away from the utopia of determinism and a precisely known future.

    By building upon probabilistic notions and concepts, such those of random variables, stochastic processes, and Monte-Carlo simulations we specialize on the development of uncertainty-aware frameworks and modelling approaches for the reliable and risk-informed management, operation and design of next generation hydrosystems. Of special interest are developments related with uncertainty quantification of predictive models and datasets; hydroclimatic time series augmentation (e.g., gap-filling, downscaling methods, synthetic data generation) and forecasting, as well as probabilistic modelling of extremes (e.g., floods, heatwaves, and droughts), whose criticality is underpinned by their critical link with human life and security.

    In a nutshell to better reflect what we do, we often recall the aphorism in E. J. Gumbel’s (1958) book “Statistics of extremes” (Ch. 6) that states that “The improbable is bound to happen one day.” What we do is an attempt to secure and prepare water systems, infrastructures and human society in general, against the day that (im)probable risks become a reality.

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