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    Digital Twin technology is the future for data-driven decision-making. Our team is developing a versatile Digital Twin product, demonstrated in a Digital Twin implementation for the dynamic Region of Attica.

    What does our Digital Twin do?

    Harnessing Real-time Data: Our Digital Twin is a dynamic platform built on (almost) real-time data that offers a comprehensive and synchronous view of physical entities in any region. It synthesizes a wide array of data sources, both online and offline, providing an all-encompassing perspective on the Region's physical entities and initiatives.

    Interoperability, powered by FIWARE: We utilize the FIWARE Orion-LD context broker to seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources, ensuring easy data exchange for interested parties and policymakers. Smart Data Models enhance interoperability, especially for inherently disconnected data sources.

    Unlocking Global Insights: Our Digital Twin isn't limited to exploiting local data. It seamlessly connects to international data stores, such as COPERNICUS, EUROSTAT, and CORDEX. It gives you access to numerous constantly updated datasets, from satellite images to socioeconomic data, through our intuitive query tool. The HIPS service and related tool is an early application that uses these datasets, already developed.

    The HIPS tool: Through our Digital Twin, users access HIPS, a climate hot-spot identification and prioritization service developed for the whole of the EU. Users can explore various climatic and socioeconomic datasets corresponding to European NUTS regions, which describe which regions are exposed to climatic risks and are highly vulnerable to them or have low adaptation capacity. Different top-down and bottom-up datasets can be combined to perform the hot-spot analysis.

    The Attica Digital Twin in Action

    Showcasing Innovative Pilots and Solutions: Our platform aspires to become a one-stop shop for identifying innovative solutions already implemented in Attica. These solutions are often only known to a small group of partners responsible for their implementation. From sewer mining technology to plant stress detection and meteorological heatmaps, our Digital Twin brings these solutions to life through real-time access to data generated at the pilot level and engaging graphical representations so that policymakers can know "what works" for Attica.

    Heatmap Services: Our platform consolidates (almost) real-time data gathered from a plethora of diverse sources like meteorological stations and APIs, satellites and radars, etc, and converts it into a common standard format that is adopted from the FIWARE's Smart Data Models initiative. To facilitate the intuition, data is currently presented using interpolated heatmaps.

    Flood Risk Assessment: We've integrated advanced flood modeling flood risk analysis tools and post-processing techniques into our Digital Twin to provide immersive and insightful flood risk assessments. The Digital Twin helps stakeholders explore how different rainfall scenarios (historical or forecasts) could impact the Region and visualize the results in the Digital Twin immersive 3D representation of the Region.

    Unleash Your Insights

    Our Digital Twin technology is not "just" about data; it's about empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions. Coupled with our other advanced hydro informatics tools and services (such as Risknought, CPRISK-ABM, Nessie, and other products), our Digital Twin technology can extend its capabilities to address challenging water problems, from remote monitoring and control of decentralized water systems to enhancing the cyber-physical security of water infrastructure to operational flood risk assessment and management.

    Watch this space!

    Our Digital Twin for Attica example is just the beginning. As we continue to innovate, our platform will evolve to meet the emerging needs of diverse stakeholder groups, creating a hub for knowledge, experience, and action.


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